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We create and provide you with unique multi-utility organisers and pouches to provide solutions to every household need under the brand name ARTHITA.


Quality,design and life.


Our goal is to create various unique, valuable products to meet and satisfy all the needs and demands of the users and to create beauty in usuable form pioneering fashion.

Founder : Dr Anjali Tayade.

Living in a small space comes with its ups and downs. No matter where you live, how big your house is or how many rooms you have, you will simply never have enough closet space. Even huge walk-in closets can often seem smaller when they are cluttered. One way to open up those storage spaces and make them seem bigger is to organize them. And the best part is that you really don’t need expensive closet organizers or a professional organizer to come to your home.

Dr Anjali Tayade, one of the leading homoeopaths in Mumbai, is a young and vibrant entrepreneur who has mastered the art of organising space with her varied multi-utility products. From introducing durable and unique shopping and travel bags to multi-utility elegant organisers, she has the perfect solution for every household need that can make your life much easier.

Dr Anjali has been practicing homoeopathy since 1989 at Dadar. Though she chose the field of medicine as a career, Dr Anjali was an art lover at heart and had keen interest in creating something of her own. She has participated in various exhibitions and exhibited her products. Her immense love for accessories, vivacious colours and innovative designing skills prompted her to create unique multi-utility organisers and pouches to provide solutions to every household need under the brand name ARTHITA.

When the word utility comes in picture, we think of a holder for absolutely anything, we as a brand are into manufacturing these utility pouches and organisers keeping in mind the daily products right from the plastic bags to the cosmetics. Instead of dumping it here and there in your house or in your bag, carry it in much handy way. The travelling bags elsewhere have all the compartments to keep even our smallest stuff but we still need another bag to carry our footwear, we understand these small difficulties and make more compact and handy bags for our customers. We have extended an helping hand for Swach Bharat Abhiyan and started making car bin bags and food organisers. The food bags have a capacity for food packets with water and dump in the bin next to it than on the road. This is the overall picture as to what we manufacture, the showroom look, to see the godown, you need to visit our shop!